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I make avatars for a few gaming sites online and decided to make a website to see if anyone else would be interested in getting animated avi's.If interested please search the web for the image you want or click the links above.Once you find your pic send me an e-mail with the size you need (kb)and the width and heigth plus text effects and animation desired.Click the paypal and pay the 5$ and thats it.In about 1-3 days you'll get an e-mail with your avatar attached.

my e-mail--->(
Can't find an image to use?..Check these sites out.
Art of Spirit/ Epilogue/ Fantasy/ Get Free Images/ deviantART

currently payments for animated avatars only accepted through paypal

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Wanna make your own professional looking avatars, get the software here!

(sells on e-bay for 40$ get it 5$ cheaper here)
(please wait 5-10 business days for delivery)
Don't wanna pay?, make your own.

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